For an introduction to Scale Drawing, see the Scale Drawing lesson in Measurement Section.

A scale drawing is a drawing where the dimensions are proportional
to the actual size of the object being drawn in a predetermined ratio.

In plain English, a scale drawing is a drawing which has been reduced or enlarged from its original size, to a specified scale.

The scale is a ratio of the size of the drawing to the size of the original object being drawn.
This may be referred to as a scale ratio.


star In the classrooms of Mrs. Cheryl Fassett and Ms. Lynn Millbyer, mathematics students at the Phoenix High School (NY) participated in a project to transform a scale model of a dinosaur skeleton into a gigantic representation of the model to be displayed in the school's hallway.

  A build-it-yourself model of a dinosaur was purchased.  Students working in groups were given a unique set of "bones" (from the model kit) which needed to be transformed into giant "bones" for the school's model.   The bones were enlarged and reproduced on cardboard.
The enlarged "bones" are assembled to create the actual dinosaur. String attached to the ceiling and walls helps the dinosaur "stand" in the hallway.


A scale is set for the enlargement.
The model has this dimension.


The transformed model must be this size:



Example: If the bone you have to enlarge is 3.5 inches, how big must you enlarge it to fit the dinosaur model?


x = 3.5 feet
Your bone will need to be enlarged to a length of 3.5 feet.


Directions for teachers on setting up this project.
(Posted with permission of Cheryl Fassett.)


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