A literal equation is an equation with several variables (letters).

The key to solving literal equations
is keeping your eye on the variable
you need to represent.

When working with literal equations, your task will be to solve for one of the variables, in terms of the other variables. The question will state which variable you are to find. Concentrate on that variable, and treat all of the other variables as constants. Just pretend the other variables are numbers.

The methods used to solve literal equations are the same as the methods you have already learned to solve equations.

Solve for a   h = a • b + r
Analysis: Focus on the "a".

We need to isolate the "a".

Remove the added "r" by subtracting "r" from both sides.

Remove the multiplied "b" by dividing both sides by "b".

Express the answer, which is in terms of "h", "r" and "b".

When solving literal equations, FOCUS on the needed variable and solve as usual.
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